Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Altruistic Gifts

With Black Friday approaching and all the great deals on merchandise and possible holiday gifts available, I'm reminded of Christmas two or three years ago. Back then I had little money available, and I decided to give most everyone in my family the same thing; a $25 gift voucher from Kiva.org. This is a humanitarian financial aid organization that helps small entrepreneurs around the world. These gifts continue to give to this day, but before I go on about this organization I need to check up on how the various members of my family perceive those gifts from a couple of years back. I'll check with them and write more later about Kiva and how it panned out. For now, I'm interested in other unique gift ideas for the holidays. I know I have a nephew who is building "houses for humanity" and giving the gift of his time. Perhaps you have some ideas of your own, things that don't cost too much or are simply gifts of our time; whether these be charitable ideas or just good frugal ideas for those we love. So drop some ideas on me, and enjoy the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

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