Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Blog About Real Debt Relief

A growing number of people are finding themselves in serious debt trouble. I’ve been there myself and, at the time, did not realize that I might have options other than the ultimate realization of bankruptcy. To make matters worse, now, with the change in bankruptcy rules in 2005 regarding unsecured debt, this ultimate option has become even less desirable than it was before. So I’d like to discuss exactly what options are available to the average consumer, what types of debt may, or may not, be considered for relief, and finally, exactly how these various options might affect a typical debtor's credit rating.
So I hope you’re ready to participate, and maybe we can learn how to better survive these tough economic times. After all, times will eventually get better, and we all want to be ready to prosper when the “good times roll”!


  1. Bankruptcy is the ONLY WAY to get rid of all debt. But it effects your rating for like 7 years. Face it your credit is going to be bad for a long time.

  2. There are other options for debt relief that don't affect your credit for so long. will hook you up with a reputable law firm that can help you eliminate your debt.